Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Set myself a task!

I am going to set myself a task of making at least 1 card a week and putting it on my blog! jak has just made very good sense and told me to make a little me time and thats exactly what im going to do... thanks jak! So do expect more from lil old me and if im failing at my lil task do feel free to give me a kick up the bum... not a hard one mind you! hehe xx


Jak Heath said...

I'm pleased you are going to take a little me time nettie, it is really important for the sanity when you lead a busy life style.
Jak x

Nettie said...

i have so much craft things that i really need to start doing things and using them up... at least then i can buy more hehe x

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards Nettie, think we all need the me time to wind down. Will keep looking in to see if you keep up the good work.

Trace x

Nettie said...

oo im under pressure now lol.
thanks for looking and leaving a comment x

Sylvia said...

Glad your having me time and I've just found your blog but can't add my self as a follower because I can't see them......
Fab Blog will be popping in again soon

Sylvia R xxx